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Welcome to Our site, we are a team of players from Unreal Tournament Demo99.
Our clan was founded around October 2008, By Destripador or Aniquilation, Currently InstaG!. We are dedicated to the part of Capture The Flag (CTF)
where we play always the map CoretDemo in which we specialize to the weapon  called Instagib.
The Acronyms UTS mean Unreal Tournament Stats.
Today we are owners of two servers in that one of them is public and the most popular, and the other serves how training, Scrims or Clan battles, and those clans that have no where to practice or perform some battle, we will facilitate without majors problems.
We are a range of players from many countries like for example:
Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, España and others. We are a clan
that stands out for his availability to realise battles, for the companionship and respect for others.
We don't like people cheater and if we see someone doing something inappropriate we will not hesitate banned of our Server.

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